They Took My Frontal Lobes

by Phil McMillion

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All songs created for FAWM 2014


released May 19, 2014

All songs written and performed by Phil McMillion.
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Lyrics for Wrong Way Avenue by Clint Laven
Lyrics for Drumbeats In My Head by Cindy Prince
Lyrics for Lonely by Tania Knight



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Phil McMillion Ann Arbor, Michigan

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Track Name: They Took My Frontal Lobes
i went to the clinic, i thought for a bit
a minor procedure, to remove a few zits
there was a mix-up, it got more involved
what they did next, i was quite appalled.

dang, they took my frontal lobes
dang, they took my frontal lobes
i can't think straight and I walk like a zombie down the road

a lobotomy, what the hell
i try not to take it too personal
we all make mistakes, but this was a doozy
i feel light headed, a little bit woozy

[repeat chorus]

i got 2 scars where they sucked my brains out
should probably wear a hat so they don't talk about
me, I'm kind of pissed, i might sue
Got half a mind to play a kazoo- .

[kazoo chorus]

[repeat chorus]
Track Name: Have You Heard
have you heard
they're coming for your children
have you heard
they're coming for your guns
have you heard
they know everything about you
have you heard
your time is almost done

have you heard
they are poisoning the water
have you heard
they're blocking out the sun
have you heard
the world is unstable
have you heard
your time is almost done
Track Name: Sochi
Olympics are back
Who gives a shit
Full of corruption
I’m sick of it

Sochi’s a dump
No privacy
Have to share a shitter
With your enemy

Sochi, Sochi

Ask the Circassians
About genocide
Killed by the Russians
How many died

Ice skating judging
Is crooked once more
US and Russians
Fixing the score

Sochi, Sochi

Don’t ask the gays
How welcome they feel
Or even if
Their lifestyle’s real

It doesn’t matter
What happens here
It’ll just be repeated
In another 4 years

Sochi, Sochi
Track Name: Bumpy Road
bumpy road, worn out shocks
got health issues, whats up doc
lock n load, let us pray
that we don't do something stupid today.

pay the fee, tip the man
nickel and dime, handle the pan
they lost it all, in the big flood
now they waste away, stuck in the mud.

bumpy road, bumpy road
bumpy road, bumpy road

i didn't think it was in my nature
to be the man and the undertaker
over and out, i gotta roll
all these years have taken a toll

dark thoughts, evil look,
cover them over with the good book
doing gods work, what a load of crock
you've got my number, you'll be back.

drive away from the scene
forget your problems, wash your car clean.
on to the next town, but on the same script
what was set in motion, you are bound to slip.

bumpy road, bumpy road
bumpy road, bumpy road
bumpy road, bumpy road
Track Name: Succotash
if you need food that's easy to chew
I've got a simple idea
go to the store, stock your cupboard
with ingredients my dear
it's pretty cheap, and it will keep
you should keep a secret stash
before you go to sleep, i got a recipe,
for some good ole succotash

smell kinda sucks
'n tastes like ash
won't you have some

lima beans with butter or cream
with sweet corn and bits of tomato
cook 'em all up until they steam
have some now or save for later
keep some cans always on hand
if you need some food in a flash
if you want something bland to go with your spam
may i suggest some succotash

[repeat chorus]
Track Name: Pawn Shop
Light fixture
Diamond ring
Crystal clock
Guitar no strings
Bird bath thing..

Wine decanter
Hockey skates
Old banjo
Manhole grates
Pocket watch
Barbell weights...

You never know
What you'll find
What went wrong
What was on their mind
When you stop
And wonder through
The Pawn Shop
The pa pa pa pa
Pawn Shop

Cigarette case
Gold lighter
Vintage phone
Black hand gun
Dinosaur bone...

Porcelain bird
Bowling ball
Roto toms
Old goose call
Mountain bike
Red mink shawl...

[repeat chorus]

When I play those instruments now and then
Can't help but think where they have been
And wonder if music's forever gone
From someone's song....

[repeat chorus]
Track Name: Wrong Way Avenue
[voice over intro]
My Baby said...
Why you home so late? (mock womans voice?)
Well baby, I got stuck on Wrong Way Avenue
and there was nothin' I could do

No matter what road I'm on
it's always the same
When the traffic jams
I'm the one to blame

No matter if I'm stalled
and sweatin' in the car
She thinks I'm out havin' a cold one
at some local bar

when you're stuck on Wrong Way Avenue
there ain't much that you can do
just keep on driving along
might as well enjoy the view

Come home to a cold dinner
and an even colder wife
Like a losing contestant
on you bet your life

The more you talk
the deeper the hole
Pray for the devil
to come and take your soul

when you're stuck on Wrong Way Avenue
there ain't much that you can do
just keep on driving along
might as well enjoy the view
Track Name: Kind of An A**hole
he's got feet on the ground
his head is quite large
he always sucks up
to whoever's in charge

he seems very busy
he thinks he's important
he's commissioning someone
to draw his own portrait

he's kind of an asshole
yes he is
he's kind of an asshole
yes he is

they call her a bitch
that's not very nice
it's rather sexist
she's just sugar and spice

but the spice kind of burns
she rubs folks the wrong way
she's vindictive as hell
and she'll make you pay

she's kind of an asshole
yes she is
she's kind of an asshole
yes she is

shit floats to the top
the squeaky wheel gets the grease
i just want these assholes to stop
i just want some peace

they're kind of assholes
yes that's what it is
there're kind of assholes
that's what it is
Track Name: Nipped In The Bud
sally was young, full of vinegar
had her whole life in front of her
she got addicted to crack and never looked back
now she sucks her thumb and whimpers

edwardo worked hard, blood, tears and sweat
but financially went deep into debt
took a loan from a shark, who shot him in the dark
now he quivers and wants to forget

lives nipped in the bud
before they could blossom
they went thud, and fell in the mud
now they play dead like a possum.

jill married an older man
who had a stroke just as they began
she waits hand and foot, all her dreams kaput
as she changes her hubby's bed-pan.

billy - immature and smarmy
he went up and joined the army
he was just a young pup, got his legs blown up,
now he sits in a corner with a barbie

[repeat chorus]

they couldn't catch a lucky break
lives ruined for heavens sake
they are all on their own
they are in the phantom zone

[instr, repeat chorus 2x]
Track Name: Revenge
gonna make you pay
for what you've done
blood has been spilt
with your drones and guns

this is for what you did to my brothers
this is for what you did to my mother
this is for what you did to my family

this is for what you did to my sisters
this is for what you did to my father
this is for what you did to my family

revenge revenge

I've got my spies on you
you're within my reach
I've got my eyes on you
i can see your teeth

[repeat chorus]

we were just children
we were innocent
why were we targets
we were not militants

[instrumental chorus]

[repeat chorus]

revenge revenge
Track Name: You're Being Played
minute man, on the border with a plan
keep 'em out, 'n be a good scout
you are a slob, and they might take your job
you get so angry, you just wanna shout

tea party gal, they wanna be your pal
they make you fret 'bout the national debt
they drive on astro-turf, going in reverse
take your mind off the real threat

hey man, you're being played
hey man, you're being played
hey man, you're being played
so whatcha gonna do today?

religious lady, your friends are a little shady
Even as they act holier than thou
they pretend to be funny, then they take your money
they'll leave you at the alter, holy cow.

hi white guy, please stand by
you don't have a career, 'n got plenty to fear
you better run, they're coming for your guns
all you got left is your nascar and beer


our corporate masters play us against each other
if we fight amongst ourselves we'll never get much further
we're too preoccupied to notice wall street is robbing us blind
the rich get richer, out of sight, 'n out of mind

[instrumental chorus]
Track Name: Midnight Trance
don't need no stinking
rhyming dictionary
when i'm in the ozone
amongst the fairies
delicate fragrance
slippery slope
head over heels
with soap on a rope

i keep my eyes peeled
and my lips they are sealed
in the fridge are my feet
and my hands are in the field
harvesting organs
grinding the meat
they wave god morgan
they rinse and repeat

i live close to Dexter
i got time to kill
my rage it does fester
then i take another pill
unsavory characters
unusual fonts
they take my handwriting
and give me taunts


lets make some noise
maybe sing a song
have a drink with the boys
play some ping pong
lets frolic in the meadow
dance in the street
do cartwheels in the ghetto
we'll look like some geeks

my mind is a wondering
i'm the lonesome kind
i drift off to space
i do it all the time
go off on a tangent
its a troubling sine
it could be the smoke
it could be the whine
Track Name: Drumbeats In My Head
Another round
Whiskey burn
Make the sounds
I so yearn
To make quiet
This crazy riot
In my head

No medication
Nothing works
No other notion
Nasty quirks
In my brain
So insane
Live or dead

Come up from the streets
In my skull
Why so cruel
Drumbeats (pounding, sounding) in my head

Nothing…nothing to numb
I will…will succumb

No future
No more light
I tell you sir
I have no fight
No more seasons
No more reasons
It’s the end

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Lonely
She sits in the corner,
All alone
Knees hugged to her chest
She has a house, but it’s
Not a home

She doesn’t cry, but it’s
There in her eyes
Talking to herself
Through the notebook
That she hides

She cringes back when
They come close
Fear written on her face
Her walls are up
Barriers closed

What will it take to
Let you in?
To make her open up
To let out pain, and
Let love in

Take a little time
To understand
The pain that she goes through
And show her how
To learn to stand