That's How We Roll

by Phil McMillion

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All songs written for 50/90 2014


released August 26, 2014

All songs written and performed by Phil McMillion



all rights reserved


Phil McMillion Ann Arbor, Michigan

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Track Name: That's How We Roll Around Here
i got a big engine
my tires squeal
got lots of horsepower
with me behind the wheel

gotta loud sound system
with plenty of bass
i get around
all over the place

i got it made
and i wear cool shades
that's how we roll around here
that's how we roll around here

[inst. verse]

i'm a chick magnet
got sex appeal
i'll take you for a ride
i'll take you for a meal

we can drive around the city
down Woodward in a drag race
i'll always win
no one can keep pace

i got it made
and i wear cool shades
that's how we roll around here
that's how we roll around here

[inst. verse with refrain]
Track Name: Ambient Blues
no words
Track Name: The Line
i patiently wait
for my turn in line
the waiting is endless
but the line sublime
so many characters
jokers and clowns
fools on the hill
the circus is in town

there are wild animals
midgets and geeks
there are birds of prey
with sharp angled beaks
there are a dozen bakers
and a two-timing chef
causing lots of treble
in a lower clef

got eyes wide open
with mouth sewn shut
who knows what will happen
i hear they're all nuts
Track Name: Take A Trip Without Leaving The Farm
take a break
have some fun
be a bum
in the sun

or be a maid
in the shade
watch out for the hose,
you might get sprayed

the old backyard has a
certain charm
take a trip without
leaving the farm

on the deck
smoke a stogie
what the heck

break out the
old guitar
play something
that's kinda bizarre

the old backyard has a
certain charm
take a trip without
leaving the farm
Track Name: Fading Fast
i may no longer have the right stuff
they give me work that's mostly fluff
at the end of the day
i'm blown away
i'm floating around the atmosphere
can't tell what's going on around here
by the end of the night
i don't have much fight

i'm in the outer realm
i'm no longer at the helm
its been a blast
but i'm fading fast

mission control tries to reel me in
wants to know where i have been
they've got me tethered
where could i go?
i tell 'em to shove it, over and out
they piss me off, i began to shout
i cut them loose,
then i vamoose

[repeat chorus]

i've got a one way ticket
i ain't coming back alive
i'm traveling uncharted space
don't know how long i'll survive

[instrumental verse]

[repeat chorus]
Track Name: I'm On Fire
every day, 'n every night
I go to work, 'n fight the fight
i'm a fireman, i extinguish flames
every day is a waiting game

i'm on fire
i'm on fire

i get a day off, i need to chill
looking for fun, maybe a cheap thrill
i jump in my car, i need to ride
i visit a house in the country side

i'm on fire
i'm on fire

i went inside to see what awaits me
there was a scantily clad foxy lady
we began to kiss, which led to the next
i was powerless, i was vexed

i'm on fire
i'm on fire


she asked if i wanted any snacks
she offered me a drink, i began to relax
she says do you want another piece of candy
i say i think that would be fine and dandy

i'm on fire
i'm on fire
i'm on fire
i'm on fire
Track Name: Look What The Cat Dragged In
she comes strolling in
with her hair all greasy
out from the rain
looking kind of sleazy
who knows where she's been
who knows what she's done
she looks messed up
and she's holding a gun.

look what the cat dragged in
look what the cat dragged in
look what the cat dragged in

she's got blood on her hands
and liquor on her breath
probably did crack
or done some meth
her clothes are dirty
she smells pretty rank
she's being kinda flirty
'n acting like a skank

[repeat chorus]

i ask her why she had a gun in her hand
she said 'shut up man, you wouldn't understand'
'its a dangerous world, a girl's got to pack'
then she eats a can of food and hits the sack

[repeat chorus 2x]
Track Name: It's A Shame
you think humans have evolved
but they are attracted to power
morality becomes dissolved
they wanna see others cower

its the same old game
same old game
same old game
it's a shame

they say might makes right
drumbeats of war getting louder
some folks have insatiable appetites
always looking for things to devour

[repeat chorus]

i got a sinking feeling
that we don't have much time
too much crazy, too much greed
the babies want - mine mine mine

[inst chorus]

[repeat chorus 2x]
Track Name: Fuel To The Fire
blowing smoke
talking trash
toxic fumes
got a rash
say something
that draws their ire
just add more
fuel to the fire

oil slick
along the strand
pollute the water
trash the land
you are preaching
to the choir
but you add more
fuel to the fire

rave and rant
paint in a corner
mourn the dead
pray for the mourners
light a match
at a funeral pyre
are we just more
fuel to the fire

say 'no more!'
take a stand
bully pulpit
sing in a band
spark an idea
what will transpire
maybe add more
fuel to the fire
Track Name: Beep Beep
no words
Track Name: Do You Remember
do do do you remember
do do do-o you care
i got left behind
then i lost my mind
then i lost my hair
i need to find
some kind of sign
that you still remember

do do do you remember
do you remember the jungle jim
we climbed around
hung upside down
we were just boys, not men
i need to find
some kind of sign
that you still remember
Track Name: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
have no time for answers,
i'm in a race
my mind is elsewhere,
in another place
if i throw it away,
did it ever exist
how long does
the memory persist
we don't have,
we just borrow
here today,
gone tomorrow

[inst verse]

who knows what,
what will follow
the truth is out there,
but it is hollow
is around the bend
get prepared,
'n make a friend
its all hearsay,
no need for sorrow
here today,
gone tomorrow