Harry Tazer

by Phil McMillion

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All songs written for 50/90 2014


released October 7, 2014

All songs written and performed by Phil McMillion



all rights reserved


Phil McMillion Ann Arbor, Michigan

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Track Name: At Ease
i jogged the other day for a tad
and had to stop for a break
don't have the stamina i once had
have more pains and aches

i found a park bench to sit a spell
near a tall pine tree
the air was fresh with a fragrant smell
the warmth enveloped me

i am slowing down, but that's a good thing
i feel the sun, i feel the breeze
i smell the roses and bask in the spring
i've had a good run, i am at ease

i appreciate how far i've come
like to feel my heart beat
like to rest my weary bones
and rub my tired feet

its like just after a swallow,
i can taste what i'm drinking.
sometimes i need to live in the now
and do a little less thinking

[repeat chorus]

i didn't realize what i was missing
until i slowed down a little,
it gets me reminiscing
about how life can be so brittle

[repeat chorus]
Track Name: After All
after all the moonbeams
are tucked inside for the night
after all the regimes
are completely out of sight

after all the blood and gore
but before the aftermath
after crunching numbers till i'm sore
i think i will draw a bath

i don't know what'll happen
its hard to tell right from wrong
after all, i'm just a simple man
singing a simple song

after all the fat cats
are trapped in their own devices
after all the poor rats are drowned
by the rising prices

after all the bullies
are shot by the picked on kids
after all the goodies are locked
away in air tight lids

[repeat chorus]

[instrumental verse]

[repeat chorus]
Track Name: Naked Breastfeeding Yoga Mom
the picture went viral
all over the net
folks are in a spiral
getting all upset
i really don't know
what's the big deal
they need to let it go
they need to get real

she stands on her head
that's quite a feat
legs in the air,
babe at her teat
everybody needs
to just stay calm
She's just a naked breastfeed'n
yoga mom

i'm sure it happens
all the time
it is an attraction
its not a crime
there is something
'bout being upside down
a smile seems
just like a frown


she's multi-taskin'
that's a virtue
in the sun she's baskin'
just like a statue

[chorus 2x]
Track Name: Out and About
i advanced exponentially
then i burned out
i was influential
then i lost clout
it started out with a whimper
then i began to shout
i was checked in, but now i'm
out and about

i was riding the wave
then i wiped out
i was walking the walk
then i got gout
there was certainty
then there was doubt
i was checked in, but now i'm
out and about

i was a champ
then i got knocked out
i once was ripped
now i am stout
there was a smirk on my face
now i just pout
i was checked in, but now i'm
out and about

i was checked in, but now i'm
out and about
i was checked in, but now i'm
out and about
Track Name: Taking Cuts
why do some people think
that they are better than the rest,
and cut in front of the line
like they are the best.
they wave some cash around
someone takes it and wisks them through
soon many are taking the bribes
and more corruption ensues

they are taking cuts
it should not be allowed
they are taking cuts
they move ahead of the crowd
they are taking cuts
they act so smug and proud
they make me so sick
i call 'em assholes out loud

they get first dibs, and maybe take
more than their share.
leave crumbs for the rest of us
and leave the cupboards bare.
they're the ones who merge at the front
ahead of traffic already queued.
seems like we're always taken advantage of
we're always getting screwed

[repeat chorus]

we need to shame them
and call them out
we need to complain
we need to shout
we can't let them
make their own rules
we shouldn't let them
treat us like fools

[repeat chorus]
Track Name: Bow Tie Guy
he doesn't care if he looks like a nerd
doesn't care if he looks absurd
he doesn't want to be your lover
in fact i think he still lives with his mother

he's a bow tie guy
he's a bow tie guy
he might be a little shy
he might be the next bill nye
he's a bow tie guy
he's a bow tie guy

we don't know what he really wants
he might be some kind of oliphant
he looks real proper, looks real clean
he might be the next irving r levine

[repeat chorus]

might be pee wee herman
or minister farrakhan
he might be a little german
or an irish leprechaun

[repeat chorus]
Track Name: Can I Have Your Attention
this ain't no song about
teenage angst
won't go on and on 'bout
love at great lengths
no hints at lust, will not be
getting it on
won't glorify drugs
with secret references, mon

can i have your attention
will you please settle down
i want to speak
can you stop clowning around?
i have nothing of substance
that i want to mention
just want you to dig me
can i have your attention

not gonna lecture 'bout
whats right 'n wrong
no complaints about the man
its not that kind of song
it's just a shout out
to say i'm here
there is no message
do i make myself clear?

[repeat chorus]

i just want to stand out
want to play with my toys
i want to be heard
above all the noise
no particular reason
i guess its my ego
want you to notice me
over here, amigo

[repeat chorus]
Track Name: When Monday Rolls Around
when monday rolls around
no friends can be found

im dragging into work
feeling like a low down jerk

i didn't feel this way on saturday
i was chillin' out on sunday

when monday rolls around,
i get so down

[2 instrumental verses]

[repeat verse]
Track Name: When It's Gone
i used to be an important guy
had all the answers, didn't need to cry.
but then one day, someone took it all away
left me busted, with nothing to say
except 'why is this happening to me?'
all my dreams washed to the sea

i met a girl who sang the blues,
was down and out, she'd paid her dues.
tried to give her some love 'n tender care.
but a hardened glance, 'n a callous stare,
said 'what do you think you can do?
i've seen this act through and through'

what cha gonna do when its gone?
will you still be singing the same old song?
are ya gonna wonder what went wrong?
when its gone, when its gone, when its gone

life is a struggle, i must confess
but the struggle is life, its not a test
you can't give up, it just ain't allowed.
if you break down, you're pushed to the ground
so just keep plugging away
you'll die soon enough one of these days

what cha gonna do when its gone?
will you still be singing the same old song?
are ya gonna wonder what went wrong?
when its gone, when its gone, when its gone