Green Tea

by Phil McMillion

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All songs created for FAWM 2015


released March 10, 2015

All songs written and performed by Phil McMillion



all rights reserved


Phil McMillion Ann Arbor, Michigan

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Track Name: Green Tea
you need
to relax
you need
some clarity
breathe in
breathe out
on the polarity
just let go
go with the flow
and drink
some green tea
Track Name: Dropping Like Flies
they shut 'em up
they mow 'em down.
they're so corrupt
the way they run the towns.

they deceive and deprive
to stay ahead.
they eat 'em alive
'n spit out the dead.

all the bad ones
hide behind the lies.
while the good ones
are dropping like flies.

they gotta save face
whatever the cost.
its such a disgrace the way
they gotta show who's boss.

we haven't matured
since the middle ages.
we got glossy brochures
but stagnant low wages.

[repeat chorus]

need to keep vigilant
on all the jerks
who want none of the labor
but all of the perks.

[repeat chorus]
Track Name: Sharp Corners
I banged my knee
on the coffee table
why did i place it
that way?
I scratched my head
on a bookcase.
Should have worn
my hat today.

Sharp corners,
sharp corners -
I yell in pain
like a chicken.
Sharp corners,
sharp corners -
They really hurt
like the dickens.

I cut my ankle
on the bed frame.
Drew blood
down to the bone.
I scraped my arm
on the reading lamp.
It hurt so much,
I dropped the phone.


I should cover them
with bubble wrap.
I should wear
protective gear.
I may look like
a stupid sap,
but i don't want to
live in fear.

Track Name: Boots On The Ground
we've got advisers,
we've got spies.
we spread propaganda,
we spread some lies.
our seals wear sneakers,
they don't make a sound -
but at least we don't have any
boots on the ground.

boots on the ground,
boots on the ground.
don't need any stinking
boots on the ground.

we drone them, we bomb them,
but who's keeping score?
we starve them with sanctions,
feed them some war.
we target their houses,
and their compounds -
but at least we don't have any
boots on the ground.


we created the mess,
but that's not our concern.
got a military complex,
so its 'burn baby burn'.
don't know what we're doing,
our policy unsound -
but at least we don't have any
boots on the ground

[chorus x3]
Track Name: On My Own
feeling rather listless
have no place to go
i left that old job behind
now i'm just going with the flow

on my own
on my own

[instrumental verse]

i'm testing out the water
gauge the temp with my toe
i'm not one to jump right in
i like to take it slow

on my own
on my own
on my own
on my own
Track Name: Drawing Blood
i wasn't trying to cause a spat
was just making a query
cause i am a curious cat
and things were little blurry

i was only asking questions
clearing away the crud
i was just scratching the surface
but now i'm

drawing blood
drawing blood
drawing blood
drawing blood

seems you're a somewhat shady
maybe a little corrupt
now you're all up in my business
and your head is about to erupt

[repeat pre-chorus/chorus]

seems you're
rather thin skinned
your feelings
are too sensitive
you should find
another line of work
where you don't need
to be so defensive

[repeat pre-chorus/chorus, chorus]
Track Name: Shoot The Messenger
you can't stand those who speak truth to power
you can't deal with folks who will not cower
you just can't handle the temperature,
so go ahead and shoot the messenger

you can't allow a foot in the door
you don't want them sharing the floor
you don't mind being executioner
so go ahead and shoot the messenger

you're a knuckle dragging neanderthal
but you still seem to have some wherewithal
i know that you're not much of a listener
so go ahead and shoot the messenger

you can't stand it - they give you no respect
you don't want to risk a domino effect
you really can't accept any challenger
so go ahead and shoot the messenger

you can't have the house of cards collapse
you really want them to just shut their yaps
you can't tolerate any questioner
so go ahead and shoot the messenger
so go ahead and shoot the messenger
so go ahead and shoot the messenger
Track Name: Same Stuff All The Time
nothing new under the sun
not having any fun
progressions are predictable
substance is minimal

put a new spin on some crap
maybe its time to take a nap
there's nothing going on
please move along

same old patterns
same old rhymes
keep playing the same stuff
all the time.
Track Name: You Have Already Lost
you removed the buffer
b'tween you and the huddled masses.
its only a matter of time
b'fore they start hunting down your asses.

it'll start with some kidnappings
then a revolution or two.
they'll take your booty and then make
examples out of you.

after the fall
after the reign
all of the pain.
you destroyed the middle class,
but at what cost.
you have won,
which means you've already lost.

you and your pals
will have to go 'n hide.
it was great for a while,
you had a nice ride.

it will be you
who will live in fear.
it'll be your turn
to get kicked in the rear.

[repeat chorus]
[inst verse]
[repeat chorus]
Track Name: Slave Or Master
are you strong or are you meek?
will you inherit, will you cheat?
what is it that you're after?
are you the slave or the master?

do you give or do you take?
do you live beyond what you make?
do you cry or are you prone to laughter?
are you the slave or the master?

are you a prisoner of your position?
have no control of your ambitions?
maybe a step away from disaster?
are you the slave or the master?

are you the slave or the master?
are you the slave or the master?
Track Name: Tit For Tat
The bad guys
burned a man alive -
a despicable act.
So the good guys
hanged a woman,
tit for tat.

Who wants justice,
Who wants some truth?
Tit for tat.
Eye for an eye,
tooth for a tooth -
what's wrong with that?

In a drug induced state
some guy kills a woman -
a heinous act.
So the state kills him
with a botched injection,
tit for tat.


So called reciprocal justice
spirals out of control.
Perpetual revenge
leads to a dark hole.